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yay, i know whats going on in american music again! the only english stuff they played in italy was backstreet boys and those annoying black eyed peas and gwen stefani songs. urg.

B U U U U T... ive been watching music videos for 2 hours and theres some stuff im thinking...

-the killers arent that bad
-that girl in the black eyed peas should quit or be sent to mars or something... cuz the rest of them are cool.
-i am SO buying the backstreet boys CD :-D
-weezers cool too
-gwen stefani.... no

yeeep. whee... i dont know what im doing today. well, i have an orthodontist appointment at 2... fun fun. no... but i should be getting my braces off next month, which is quite the awesomesauce =D

andandand... me and pablo are hangin out with walker and zoey aaaall day tomorrow... cuz something toxic is going on with our house. bug spraying... painting... iono something like that.

weeell... i have stuff to do. not really... but i live on LJ way too much. and its not THAT cool. i cant think of another account name though...
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