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luggage n such

soooo... our luggage got left in paris got airline people are lazy. and i have no idea when im getting my suitcase! i bring this up because i bought a jamaica color beanie and its AWESOME and its in there and i miss it. along with my digital camera and ipod stage/charger, and converses and marching flute and various other things.

stupid airlines.

arg, walkers copy of hitchhikers guide to the galaxy is also there. so i gotta go buy it or something cuz im in the very middle of "the resturant at the end of the universe" and i wanna know whatll become of zaphod and marvin! oh marvin, you paranoid andriod... i love you so!

i think this is a good time to do trip highlights.... uh... places we went and important stuff we saw:

-BIG pretty cathedral (forgot how to spell it)
-michelangelo's David
-Stradivarious (sp?) instruments. YAY

-awesome beach of the tyrannian sea
-met up with university of georgia kids wed spend the rest of the trip with

-art museum... some nice religeous paintings
-archaeology museum... very nice egyption wing and things from pompei

-ruins!! they were reaaally cool... with the bodies and frescos and everything

-too many churches to count. a lot of famous artists work... carravagio and michelangelo and dante
-pantheon... very very big.
-colloseum... much bigger than the pantheon. awesome, but cost too much to get in.
-crypt of the cappucian monks (part of the catacombs)
-roman ruins... interesting to walk around

vatican city:
-saw the pope!
-saw the graves of the rest of the popes
-St. Peters basillica.... wow. big big big big beautiful church.
-sistine chapel... loved the paintings. couldve looked at them forever.
-museum... breif look at archives

-saw the body St. margaret
-castle ruins

yeah... thats the gist of the historical art stuff... ill update later with the more interesting things. pablo wants to show me a half hour flash cartoon that craig showed him. haha... craig... that silly monkey.
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