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• outfit: plad miniskirt, blue tank top
• hairstyle: wet and down
• jewelry: "music for all" bracelet, "I did not vote 4 Bush" bracelet, black heart ring thing, black stud earrings, gold stud earrings, sapphire necklace, friendship anklet from kristin. phew!
• underwear: purple regular type unda-wears
• nail color: unpainted normality

do you:
• lick yourself: sometimes i guess
• whine a lot: sometimes
• yell a lot: when i feel like it
• hate a lot of people: No
• have too many friends: i dont think so
• want to die: nah
• have a bf/gf: no... im stupid...
• do drugs: no
• wear dark colors: yes
• dye your hair: yeah... its black underneath right now and im thinkin about doin red highlights on the top for the summer.

have you ever:
• gotten drunk: no
• worn rainbow: yeah, i like rainbows
• talked on the phone for over 3 hours: yes
• left the country: just got back!
• had a party with over 30 people: yeah, 3 or 4
• stolen something: nothing big...
• caught something on fire: haha craigs homework
• cheated on someone: no
• wanted to cheat on someone: not really...
• asked someone out: no
• had a dream, then the next day it happens: yes

last person:
• you touched: mom
• you talked to: mom
• you hugged: mom... haha
• you instant messaged: craig
• who broke your heart: steven?

are you:
• understanding: yes
• open-minded: yes
• arrogant: i dont think so
• insecure: sometimes
• interesting: iono, am i?
• hungry: yes
• smart: yes
• childish: yeah
• independent: most of the time
• hard working: if i care
• healthy: yeah, cept im not a big fan of working out
• emotional: kinda
• shy: not usually...
• bored easily: yeah
• thirsty: nope, got a coke float
• obsessed: only on weekends
• angry: sometimes
• sad: sorta
• happy: most of the time
• trusting: not really
• ill: nope
• talkative: hahaha RAMBLE-Y
• ignored: nope
• reliable: yes
• self-disciplined: kinda
• sleepy: yes...
• lonely: no

info about yourself:
• what is your name? Emele
• what is your birthday?: September 15 1990
• age: 14
• do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: no... i want him back o_O
• how tall are you?:5' 2"
• shoe size?: 7 1/2
• brothers/sisters?: brothar
• job: coaching at arrowbear for a week... doesnt really count but EEP

• what is your favorite band?: chilli peppers and ben folds and tenatious D and queen and lots of stuff
• color(s)?: blue and green and black and dark red
• soda?: coke
• music?: rock, classic stuff, and baroque and romantic (not classical) instrumental things. and soundtracks.
• stores in the mall?: hot topic (haha shut up), spencers, tar-jay, and whatever else
• ice cream?: rocky road
• roller coaster?: 6 flags stuff... like riddlers revenge or de ja vouz
• candy?: kinder egg!! aah, im already missing italy
• cookies?: chocolate chip
• juice?: orange
• holiday?: halloween
• month?: june through september
• show?: angel

in the last 48 hours:
• cried?: yeah... breaking up with steven... haha and from walker tickling me too much
• missed someone?: yes
• yelled at someone?: no
• changed your underwear?: of course
• drove somewhere?: been driven somewhere
• talked to someone on the phone?: yeah
• been online?: where am i...
• smiled?: yup yup
• kissed someone?:euro-kiss greeting thing
• hugged someone?: yup
• last thing you ate?: IN N OUT!
• talked to an ugly person?: yes

have you ever:
• been in love: yes
• been in trouble with the police? nope
• hit someone?: jokingly
• broke something?: hehe...yah
• betrayed a friend?: iono
• skipped school?: uh, yeah!
• shot a gun?: BB gun
• broke something important? no
• smoked weed?: no
• smoked a cig?: no
• dyed your hair?: yes

okay, last questions:
• what is sitting next to you?: no one
• favorite sport(s)?: dance and band. of course theyre sports!
• are you gay/lesbian/bi/straight? Straight
• been in a plane? too many times...
• killed someone?: nope
• slept during class?: yes
• are you bored of taking this survey?: not really
• what time is it now?: 6:26 pm
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