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okay, so!!

i love all of you, really. and im leaving for italy tomorrow night, and ill miss you and reading what you say and stuff. and... im expectin this to be one of my last real entrys in this LJ. not that im over it or anything... but ever since i made it, i intended to only keep it for a year. and i am following through with those intentions... so yes. mid june-ish = new LJ. whee!

ooook so ive spent the greater part of non-school time these last few days with steven... and between being sick together and frozen TV dinners and spaceballs and dr. steven fixing my braces (hahaha THAT was interesting), i really feel.. comfortable with him. its not like all of the others... its really really reallly really awesome!! and he might be going to missouri with my family for a little while this summer. ooommmgg.... he has no idea what hes getting himself into lol. but yes... i love him and hes awesome.

andandand tonight i went to a party at jenny's house with sally. at first i felt sorta out of place cuz i knew everyone there, but sally and walker and lara and jenny were like my only good friends. but about an hour into it, it got better. i hung out with kuli and ian, cuz theyre friggin awesome, and i never get to see ian. all we talk about is the crazy awesomness of the last few years... and it feels good to know that some of the people i knew at that time in my life really ARE good friends. yay! :)

k, well... i gotta get to the packing and ipod-uploading and stuff. lovelovelove... and CIAO! (sp?)
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