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woot woot packing time

im leavin for italy in 4 DAYS!!! muahaha... its just hitting me!! goin to europe for the first time with awesome walker... and only 3 days of school left... 1 odd day... snaps. it feels so friggin awesome.

except for the homework/studying. and packing. and missing people. and knowing that i wont see steven again for a month... god our vacations are timed sososo inappropriatly. *sigh.* meh, im stills excited!

woooo kinda tired... was up doin homework. teachin myself biology stufff... yeaaah. im into star wars now... whee. oh man. audioslaves new CD came out today... but i didnt have time to go to target and get it. damn... meh, tomorrow.

so yeah. tirreed.... blah. whos goin to jennys on friday? im kinda wonderin about that... and yeah. if anyone wants to hang out on saturday morning/early afternoon thatd be quite the awesomesauce

okie dokie... so... stuff. love.
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