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I SAW STAR WARSSSSS!! steven took me after school... there was like no one there, which was awesome. omg... i loved it. and i wasnt that into the last two movies... but this one was awesome! i almost cried.... arg i get waaay too into movies. but at the part where newly-evil-anakin walks into the council room with the youngling baby jedi kids and the little boy is like 'master anakin, help!!' or something... then he just whips out the lightsaber with the evilish face.... that just about killed me. poor younglings.

andthenandthenandthen... he almost killed his pregnant girlfriend... all corrupted and stuff. then he became torso boy. then he was baked torso boy. thenthenthen... he was all darth vader'd and went like NOOOOOOO!!!

NOT TO MENTION... yoda proved once again that short people rock. i love him.

but its all good... cuz it all makes sense to me now. and thats about it. in all seriousness... i really liked the movie. a lot. it was definatly worth steven's church's $17. hehehe.

yeah... then we went to barns & noble and starbucks... and then to his house. we chilled... then his family came home. and i talked to kevin cuz kevin's cool. and we had dinner... which was yummyful. then i helped steven hole punch/staple remove for AP language stuff... and listened to music... heh, spiderman... and stuff.

and now im here!

so... cept for about 15 minutes ago... really really really awesome day with steven. yay.

ok... time for homework. not cool not cool... but i gotta do it. oh to the well...

<3 emele
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