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i like sundays. im sad i couldnt go to church today though, i really wanted to say bye to everyone... cuz im leavin for italy on saturday!! and im reaaally excited.

i think im gonna ditch this LJ and make a new one whenever i get back. iono why... i was just planning to keep this one for a year and only a year ever since i made it. just one of those wierd me-things.

ANYWAYS... i just got back from pizzamania with pablo. god i love that place... there pizza is quite the awesomesauce. yummmy... oh, and the have puzzle bobble, which is like my faaaavorite arcade game if youre too square to count DDR.

oh, and my parents are workin on fixin the pool so maybe itll be workin this week. right now its all gross... but itll be awesome whenever its ready. jacuzzi too. woot!

ok... and i have homework. i really need to write all this out so i know what I'm doing

-figure out what the homework is, then do it

-write concert report


-book report on non-prose ness
-memorize hamlet soliloquy
-write 2 poet analysis's
-put together poetry packet
-write religeon essay reflection
-extra credit (?)

-study my booty off
-vertebrate packet thing

english is the devil

yeaah. so ima go do worky stuff. later
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