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ooook, SO!

ugg. stress has been my middle name lately. lets see... where to start.

dance shows! last one was tonight!! yess... i really love dance, but it was all so time consuming and tiring. i really really really hope i made it into intermediate... my next years schedule is really depending on it. in any case, i want to start taking lessons out of school, prolly at marylln mcdowell.

ok, and campanile! i made it into yearbook staff!! the bad part is... after sitting down and thinking about it, i realized that i really didnt care or want it. so yeah... im going to the meeting on wednesday, but when i seriously sit down and figure out my schedule whenever i get back from italy, im probably gonna drop it. im honored that my writing was good enough... but i just cant be dedicated to something like yearbook. and also... it just doesnt interest to me that much. meh. i feel pretty bad that i got myself involved at all. the sad part is, i think i just tried out cuz i was compensating for the whole drum major thing... which i seriously did want. and i still want it, and im trying out next year... but yeah. this whole yearbook thing has just turned into a huge mess. BUT... therell be free pizza on wednesday. and thats good.

soooo... schedule for next year. academics look like intermediate algebra, honors chemistry, accelerated english, and AP world history. yeaah... that last one may be a wee bit peculiar with me. but the electives... wow. right now, im signed up for chamber orchestra and beginning dance. first of all, i hope i actually make it IN to chamber orchestra, and secondly, im dropping dance if im not in intermediate. thirdly... band. duh. i need to get that on there one way or another. ideally, itll be chamber orchestra, band, and intermediate dance. but im ok if im in advanced orchestra... im really chill with orchestra these days. as long as im still in symphony strings... i dont care about the class. and it might be nice to get an unscheduled if i dont make intermediate dance.

whats the html for cuts on LJ? cuz those last 3 paragraphs are really nothing you guys care about lol... but i have to ramble somewhere. and i dont know most html stuff. yeeep.

ok SO... im really tired. and does anyone want to go to long beach symphony with me tomorrow? cuz i need to go... but i dont wanna be all by my lonesome... mhmm.

yeah, well thats 'nuff for tonight. ill write something less boring later. love ya guys, byee
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