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Tuesday, June 21st, 2005

Subject:FHQUGAHDS!!! last entry... do do do do..
Time:6:48 pm.
Mood: cheerful.
i indeed made a new LJ!! well, i guess its not that exciting... but in any case...

its awesome_saucey

cuz quite_the_awesome_sauce wouldnt fit :( oh well :) so yes... add me, and ill add you. i may send out a few things but... uh... iono. im lazy hehehe

muchos amor

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Time:8:39 am.
Mood: chipper.
yay, i know whats going on in american music again! the only english stuff they played in italy was backstreet boys and those annoying black eyed peas and gwen stefani songs. urg.

B U U U U T... ive been watching music videos for 2 hours and theres some stuff im thinking...

-the killers arent that bad
-that girl in the black eyed peas should quit or be sent to mars or something... cuz the rest of them are cool.
-i am SO buying the backstreet boys CD :-D
-weezers cool too
-gwen stefani.... no

yeeep. whee... i dont know what im doing today. well, i have an orthodontist appointment at 2... fun fun. no... but i should be getting my braces off next month, which is quite the awesomesauce =D

andandand... me and pablo are hangin out with walker and zoey aaaall day tomorrow... cuz something toxic is going on with our house. bug spraying... painting... iono something like that.

weeell... i have stuff to do. not really... but i live on LJ way too much. and its not THAT cool. i cant think of another account name though...
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Time:12:06 am.
Mood: sleepy.
today was really nice.... im dead tired now though. the whole 9 hour time difference thing is beginning to occur to me though... but it was a cool day so i can still talk about it :)

josh came over around noon... and after many a hug and some talking, we biked over to saras house and hung out with her and robbie. then the 4 of us decided to be awesome like that, and walked over to adam and kevins houses and took them over to the park with us.... wear we blew bubbles and threw shoes and dragged eachother accross the grass and chilled like hippies. haha it was fun, i missed these people.

afterwards, we walked over to bristol farms and tar-jay and mcdonalds for soda and food and such... i miss italian food. it was cool anyways though, and craig met up with us.

on the walk back to saras house, we found a baby (well, teenage) hummingbird in the middle of the street. it was perfectly fine... but couldnt fly yet and seemed rather stressed out. im not sure if it was the best thing to do, but we picked it up and took it back to saras house... where we put it in a box with a dish of sugar water and some flowers. it liked eating... and kept trying to fly but it just wasnt working out. than we broke out the guitar and banjo... and became hippies again chilling with music and hummingbirds in a summery frontyard... craig didnt like the scene cuz hes stupid, but it was really nice. oh, and we named the hummingbird james bond! adams idea.

of course.

OH! and this HAS to be remembered... adam of all people said "relationships are actually beautiful things... its not all about the making out." everyone was like... whoa, adam! haha i love people

yeeah so later we went to the movies... but me and craig were the only wilson people so we were like aww.... but it was pretty cool anyways. saw batman... eh, some scenes were cool... but the acting wasnt very good and the story line wasnt the best and the love thing at the end was more wtf than padme and anakin.... so on the whole, tim burtons verson was 50 times better.

but, im a tim burton fan, i wasnt expecting much of this. eh. it had cool explosions.

and afterwards... i was crazy tired so i wasnt a fun person. aww.... poor sleepy emele... ran into daisy and talked about dance and stuff for awhile. kaloni made advanced... omg im so happy for him. i made beginning level 2, so im dropping dance cuz that conflicts with band. yep... whateva. starbucks didnt help my sleepyness at all.

but steven called... and we breifly talked, but i honestly have no idea what i should do about stuff. hes been a horrible boyfriend the last few weeks... but i know its better when im not on the other side of the world. and i still really like him... and after hes stopped speaking to me, lied about at least one thing, and done whatever with whoever... still liking him must really mean something. either that or im just that pathetic.

iono, itll take a lot of thinking and talking... but combolations to you, jackee. all the stuff youve been saying lately about everything just being in your head really helps me with this. i needed to hear that i should just go with what i want... and just not think something if i dont like it... it keeps me from making the situation worse than it is. cuz its honestly not THAT bad... haha.

we agreed to talk tomorrow, in any case. josh has made me feel better too... though im sure thats nothing new to anyone haha. hes such an awesome person. and he loves tasha so much... he has a lot to look foward to this summer and in comparison to this time last year... its unbeleivable seeing him this happy and i really really love it. thanks, tasha :)

urg cuts arent agreeing with me, again. so sorry if you actually read thorough all that... haha im boring when im tired... and i am indeed quite the sleepy sauce, so i guess ill write laterr. cool day :) LOOOVE!
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Sunday, June 19th, 2005

Subject:luggage n such
Time:7:40 pm.
soooo... our luggage got left in paris got airline people are lazy. and i have no idea when im getting my suitcase! i bring this up because i bought a jamaica color beanie and its AWESOME and its in there and i miss it. along with my digital camera and ipod stage/charger, and converses and marching flute and various other things.

stupid airlines.

arg, walkers copy of hitchhikers guide to the galaxy is also there. so i gotta go buy it or something cuz im in the very middle of "the resturant at the end of the universe" and i wanna know whatll become of zaphod and marvin! oh marvin, you paranoid andriod... i love you so!

i think this is a good time to do trip highlights.... uh... places we went and important stuff we saw:

-BIG pretty cathedral (forgot how to spell it)
-michelangelo's David
-Stradivarious (sp?) instruments. YAY

-awesome beach of the tyrannian sea
-met up with university of georgia kids wed spend the rest of the trip with

-art museum... some nice religeous paintings
-archaeology museum... very nice egyption wing and things from pompei

-ruins!! they were reaaally cool... with the bodies and frescos and everything

-too many churches to count. a lot of famous artists work... carravagio and michelangelo and dante
-pantheon... very very big.
-colloseum... much bigger than the pantheon. awesome, but cost too much to get in.
-crypt of the cappucian monks (part of the catacombs)
-roman ruins... interesting to walk around

vatican city:
-saw the pope!
-saw the graves of the rest of the popes
-St. Peters basillica.... wow. big big big big beautiful church.
-sistine chapel... loved the paintings. couldve looked at them forever.
-museum... breif look at archives

-saw the body St. margaret
-castle ruins

yeah... thats the gist of the historical art stuff... ill update later with the more interesting things. pablo wants to show me a half hour flash cartoon that craig showed him. haha... craig... that silly monkey.
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Time:6:35 pm.
Mood: chipper.
• outfit: plad miniskirt, blue tank top
• hairstyle: wet and down
• jewelry: "music for all" bracelet, "I did not vote 4 Bush" bracelet, black heart ring thing, black stud earrings, gold stud earrings, sapphire necklace, friendship anklet from kristin. phew!
• underwear: purple regular type unda-wears
• nail color: unpainted normality

do you:
• lick yourself: sometimes i guess
• whine a lot: sometimes
• yell a lot: when i feel like it
• hate a lot of people: No
• have too many friends: i dont think so
• want to die: nah
• have a bf/gf: no... im stupid...
• do drugs: no
• wear dark colors: yes
• dye your hair: yeah... its black underneath right now and im thinkin about doin red highlights on the top for the summer.

have you ever:
• gotten drunk: no
• worn rainbow: yeah, i like rainbows
• talked on the phone for over 3 hours: yes
• left the country: just got back!
• had a party with over 30 people: yeah, 3 or 4
• stolen something: nothing big...
• caught something on fire: haha craigs homework
• cheated on someone: no
• wanted to cheat on someone: not really...
• asked someone out: no
• had a dream, then the next day it happens: yes

last person:
• you touched: mom
• you talked to: mom
• you hugged: mom... haha
• you instant messaged: craig
• who broke your heart: steven?

are you:
• understanding: yes
• open-minded: yes
• arrogant: i dont think so
• insecure: sometimes
• interesting: iono, am i?
• hungry: yes
• smart: yes
• childish: yeah
• independent: most of the time
• hard working: if i care
• healthy: yeah, cept im not a big fan of working out
• emotional: kinda
• shy: not usually...
• bored easily: yeah
• thirsty: nope, got a coke float
• obsessed: only on weekends
• angry: sometimes
• sad: sorta
• happy: most of the time
• trusting: not really
• ill: nope
• talkative: hahaha RAMBLE-Y
• ignored: nope
• reliable: yes
• self-disciplined: kinda
• sleepy: yes...
• lonely: no

info about yourself:
• what is your name? Emele
• what is your birthday?: September 15 1990
• age: 14
• do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: no... i want him back o_O
• how tall are you?:5' 2"
• shoe size?: 7 1/2
• brothers/sisters?: brothar
• job: coaching at arrowbear for a week... doesnt really count but EEP

• what is your favorite band?: chilli peppers and ben folds and tenatious D and queen and lots of stuff
• color(s)?: blue and green and black and dark red
• soda?: coke
• music?: rock, classic stuff, and baroque and romantic (not classical) instrumental things. and soundtracks.
• stores in the mall?: hot topic (haha shut up), spencers, tar-jay, and whatever else
• ice cream?: rocky road
• roller coaster?: 6 flags stuff... like riddlers revenge or de ja vouz
• candy?: kinder egg!! aah, im already missing italy
• cookies?: chocolate chip
• juice?: orange
• holiday?: halloween
• month?: june through september
• show?: angel

in the last 48 hours:
• cried?: yeah... breaking up with steven... haha and from walker tickling me too much
• missed someone?: yes
• yelled at someone?: no
• changed your underwear?: of course
• drove somewhere?: been driven somewhere
• talked to someone on the phone?: yeah
• been online?: where am i...
• smiled?: yup yup
• kissed someone?:euro-kiss greeting thing
• hugged someone?: yup
• last thing you ate?: IN N OUT!
• talked to an ugly person?: yes

have you ever:
• been in love: yes
• been in trouble with the police? nope
• hit someone?: jokingly
• broke something?: hehe...yah
• betrayed a friend?: iono
• skipped school?: uh, yeah!
• shot a gun?: BB gun
• broke something important? no
• smoked weed?: no
• smoked a cig?: no
• dyed your hair?: yes

okay, last questions:
• what is sitting next to you?: no one
• favorite sport(s)?: dance and band. of course theyre sports!
• are you gay/lesbian/bi/straight? Straight
• been in a plane? too many times...
• killed someone?: nope
• slept during class?: yes
• are you bored of taking this survey?: not really
• what time is it now?: 6:26 pm
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Subject:im BACK!
Time:4:07 pm.
so... i think i my disclaim those last two entries. im confused out of my mind, im calling steven later, etc... so yeah. DISCLAIM SAUCE!

ANYWAYS!! im home!! wheee... my rooms (YES ROOMS) are all different! now i have my own bedroom and living room... im in the bedroom right now, and the living room isnt finished. but therell be a huge TV and sliding glass doors and a sofa AND WE SHALL PARTY. and DANCE. and SING. and ALL THAT STUFF!

AAAH IM SO EXCITED TO BE HOME!!! italy was so very awesome, all of you... go there... now. eat some pasta and gellato. see david and the colosseum. run around naked on the beach. youll love it!

bleep! stuff to do, things to unpack, people to call!! AAAH HOME!
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Friday, June 17th, 2005

Time:4:29 pm.
ok, i cant leave the internet place yet cuz theres a big funeral processon goin on outside, and i dont want to be rude. heh, symbolic of anything? i gotta try to take my mind off of it. read some hitchhikers guide to the galaxy.

"there is a theory that when the answer to life, the universe, and everything is discovered, the universe will be gone and be replaces with something even wackier.

theres another theroy that this has already happened."

it goes something like that, but i love it. hmm... i gotta think of some things to keep myself busy with this summer. memorizing the entire whale monolouge from that book should be one of them. wooo... i need to meet more hitchhikers geeks. or get a life.
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Time:4:13 pm.
so, i broke up with steven. not that i wanted to... but im really mad and i know for fact after what happend this is not going to work out. so... bright side? im still kinda looking for one. ive found a few ones in my desperateness. 1) going back home tomorrow. more people to talk to there. 2) at least i dont feel guilty for thinking about other people. 3) single during the summer for the for time since like 6th grade... cool. 4) one more day in a country where i pass for the legal drinking age! (JK!)

ugg. still sucks. oh well... at least im positive its his fault this time. ugg, i sound pissed off... but no ones ever cheated on me with their ex before... yeah, his fault.

other news! none really. still loving cortona, gonna miss it. summer time, yay! only a little over a month until arrowbear and no more braces. im partying with walker till 2 in the morning... whee, gelato at midnight! haha, i really love him. im gonna miss being with him 24-7.

ok, ill write more later... maybe start a new journal when i get home. yummy. love you guys!
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Tuesday, June 14th, 2005

Time:4:38 pm.
ok, feeling passed. whoop-de-doo! anyways... im gonna miss italy. the trip went by so fast, and i love it here. i miss everyone more than i can describe, and i think everyone at schools forgotten about me by now... but thats ok because the food here makes up for it. i dont think ill ever be able to eat american cheese or pizza or salami again... so im pretty much gorging myself with italian cuisine :-P

oh, ive lost weight though... 5 pounds. er... kilos. no, pounds. like 2 kilos. whatever. ANDANDAND i got a tan :-D yay. and when i get back i think ill dye my hair again. keep the bottem black, make the top darky reddness... shyaa. suggestions? summertime, whee!

ok, well i must be going, ill try to update more over the next couple days.


ps- hitchhikers guide to the galaxy is a MUY/TRE/UBER/VERY awesome book-series thing... and i highly recommend it to everyone. its like the kind of humor that you have to be smart to understand... but if i get it, you will :)
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Sunday, June 12th, 2005

Time:5:58 pm.
meh, after checking some emails and thinking, im sort of confused. every time i get really attached to a guy... they either leave me or i freak out with a lot of stress and parranioa and stuff. its usually the first, but i guess im sort of feeling the latter right now... but i get a vibe like i should give up because thingsll never be the way i want them to be. and the grass does seem better on the other side sometimes... quite the guiltsauce.

its a passing feeling though, ill feel better later and ill talk to him whenever i can. yeah...
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Time:5:30 pm.
hey, im lovin italy. cortona is the coolest little town... and no one knows what it is, so ill just say its the place under the tuscan sun took place in. iono, i havnt seen/read that. whatever.

sooo stuff. its cool to not be moving all over the country now, it actually feels like how it would feel to LIVE here. id actually consider it someday... europe has its ups and downs... but people are so nice. well... theyre not very nice when they find out im american. but then theyre nice again when they found out im not of legal voting age nor am i a bush supporter :) haha... i thought that all the hoopla about everywhere in the world people hate bush was eggagerated but... its not.

i miss people a lot still... but its all good as long as i can keep myself busy. and i can... we can do pretty much whatever we want here(and i mean WHATEVER... the legal drinking age is 16 [not that ive done anything odd :P]) and time is passing pretty fast. and i talked to steven and emailed a few people i particularly missed... and stuff. i also realized this is the longest ive gone without touching a violin since like before 7th grade when i started caring. i miss it... i have my cheap gemainhart flute here thogh... and i guess thats cool, but then i miss my nicer yamaha flute. oh well.

i need to find out what the deal with pit is. i told mr M i was joining, but i also told him i was going to italy in the same comversation and he said he didnt know when my mom told him a week later. arg... steven or sally or someone importantll probably figure it out. yeaaah...

so here its 5:30... so its 8:30 am for you guys. aww... id still be asleep if i was at home. meep... its gonna be hard to switch back into the time zone im used to. oh the well! haha

i cant wait to get home and see everyone again, i love you guys, byeee
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Thursday, June 9th, 2005

Time:6:21 pm.
last day in rome, cortona time tomorrow. vatican is awesome and pretty and saint peters basillica is bigger than any church thing ive seen in my life. and i saw the pope and the grave of the last pope... and all the dead popes before that one... and some saints... yeah. and the sistine chapel is waaay awesomeer than i thought it would be. colloseum and stuff is too. i relaly like rome... i hope i come back sometime.

anyways... i gotta be leaving. i love you all, and i appreciaten the emails :)

bleep. blah i have no idea whats going on with school and friends. fill me in pleeease

and joann... i didnt feel like commenting cuz this comp im using is way too slow, but sometimes i can relate.
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Tuesday, June 7th, 2005

Time:6:49 pm.
italy.. woot. been to a lot of places now... rome, florence, sorrento, naples, and now were back in rome, and next were going to cortona. going to the vatican tomorrow... whee! me and walker are having fun, i love him so much... (as hes hovering above the screen waiting for me to let him use the computer hehehe)

but yeah... i am beginning to get a little homesick. i miss friends... and family... and boyfriend that hasnt responded to emails... meh. oh well. people, email me!! you have no idea how pathetic i am and how happy it makes me feel to hear from you guys since its hard to call anyone cuz of the whole 9 hours difference thing. yeaaah... so woot.

but italys awesome... the food is so very good, i dont know if ill be able to eat american pizza when i get back hahaha. jacob was right... aah hes so well-traveled.

tee hee :)

k, love you guys... ima go do stuff. byee!
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Saturday, June 4th, 2005

Time:9:25 pm.
Pick 12 people who you know!:

1) Walker
2) Steven
3) Josh
4) Alex
5) Joann
6) Lauren
7) Sally
8) Jonathan
9) Kristin
10) Spencer
11) Pablo
12) Craig

-Who is #8 going out with? Im not sure...
-Is #9 a boy or a girl? very nice and hot girl :)
-Would #11 & #2 make a good couple? HAHAHHA... these things HAVE to run in the family...
-How about #12 & #4? HECK YES!!!
-What grade is #7 in? 9th
-When was the last time you talked to #12? last week
-What is #5's favorite band? she likes a lot of music... um, iono. lotsa cool stuff.
-Does #1 have any siblings? yep, 1
-Would you ever date #3? i love him but... didnt work and not gonna happen. but i love him soverymuch.
-Would you ever date #7? SALLY IS MY LOVER
-Is #12 single? last time i checkedd...
-What's #9's last name? reksc
-What's #10's middle name? AAAH I DONT KNOW!! something...
-What's #6's favorite thing to do? listen to music and stuff... and illegally hurt steven hehehe
-Is #12 hot? ewwww
-Would #1 & #12 make a good couple? heck yes they would... but craigs better for alex :)
-Tell me a random fact about #2: hes bent on taking over the world, has 2 lightsabers mounted above his bed, and probably loves his adorable pet rat more than me
-Have you ever had a crush on #5? oh how i love my joann
-Where does #9 live? Near millikan
-What's #4's favorite color? pink? black?
-Would you make out with #1? ewwww hes like my brother!!
-Are #5 & #6 best friends? No...
-Does #7 like #10? knowing THIS band family tree... probably!
-Does # 8 like # 5? OOH THATS INTERESTING! but no
-How did you meet #2? band camp... talkin bout relationships
-How did you meet #6? band camp... awesome sectionals
-Does #10 have any pets? Two dogs
-Is #12 older than you? only by a month...
-Is #3 the sexiest person alive? oh yes, no white boy can dance like josh :)
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Tuesday, May 31st, 2005

Time:8:46 pm.
im in florence right now, and its uber awesome! blah, sorta hot, but... awesome. lots and lots to do... i can only write for a few minutes, but i figured i should post somethin.

email. i can check my email here, but being not-so-smart, i forgot to write down peoples addresses... and i have a yahoo account i share with steven, but its not cooperating with me, so email me at doomydoom123@aol.com, so i can your addresses in :)

yep... well i love you guys, but its getting rather late here so i g2g. love you, byeee
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Friday, May 27th, 2005

Subject:okay, so!!
Time:5:08 pm.
Mood: excited.
i love all of you, really. and im leaving for italy tomorrow night, and ill miss you and reading what you say and stuff. and... im expectin this to be one of my last real entrys in this LJ. not that im over it or anything... but ever since i made it, i intended to only keep it for a year. and i am following through with those intentions... so yes. mid june-ish = new LJ. whee!

ooook so ive spent the greater part of non-school time these last few days with steven... and between being sick together and frozen TV dinners and spaceballs and dr. steven fixing my braces (hahaha THAT was interesting), i really feel.. comfortable with him. its not like all of the others... its really really reallly really awesome!! and he might be going to missouri with my family for a little while this summer. ooommmgg.... he has no idea what hes getting himself into lol. but yes... i love him and hes awesome.

andandand tonight i went to a party at jenny's house with sally. at first i felt sorta out of place cuz i knew everyone there, but sally and walker and lara and jenny were like my only good friends. but about an hour into it, it got better. i hung out with kuli and ian, cuz theyre friggin awesome, and i never get to see ian. all we talk about is the crazy awesomness of the last few years... and it feels good to know that some of the people i knew at that time in my life really ARE good friends. yay! :)

k, well... i gotta get to the packing and ipod-uploading and stuff. lovelovelove... and CIAO! (sp?)
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Tuesday, May 24th, 2005

Subject:woot woot packing time
Time:7:08 pm.
Mood: tired.
im leavin for italy in 4 DAYS!!! muahaha... its just hitting me!! goin to europe for the first time with awesome walker... and only 3 days of school left... 1 odd day... snaps. it feels so friggin awesome.

except for the homework/studying. and packing. and missing people. and knowing that i wont see steven again for a month... god our vacations are timed sososo inappropriatly. *sigh.* meh, im stills excited!

woooo kinda tired... was up doin homework. teachin myself biology stufff... yeaaah. im into star wars now... whee. oh man. audioslaves new CD came out today... but i didnt have time to go to target and get it. damn... meh, tomorrow.

so yeah. tirreed.... blah. whos goin to jennys on friday? im kinda wonderin about that... and yeah. if anyone wants to hang out on saturday morning/early afternoon thatd be quite the awesomesauce

okie dokie... so... stuff. love.
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Monday, May 23rd, 2005

Time:10:44 pm.
Mood: cheerful.
I SAW STAR WARSSSSS!! steven took me after school... there was like no one there, which was awesome. omg... i loved it. and i wasnt that into the last two movies... but this one was awesome! i almost cried.... arg i get waaay too into movies. but at the part where newly-evil-anakin walks into the council room with the youngling baby jedi kids and the little boy is like 'master anakin, help!!' or something... then he just whips out the lightsaber with the evilish face.... that just about killed me. poor younglings.

andthenandthenandthen... he almost killed his pregnant girlfriend... all corrupted and stuff. then he became torso boy. then he was baked torso boy. thenthenthen... he was all darth vader'd and went like NOOOOOOO!!!

NOT TO MENTION... yoda proved once again that short people rock. i love him.

but its all good... cuz it all makes sense to me now. and thats about it. in all seriousness... i really liked the movie. a lot. it was definatly worth steven's church's $17. hehehe.

yeah... then we went to barns & noble and starbucks... and then to his house. we chilled... then his family came home. and i talked to kevin cuz kevin's cool. and we had dinner... which was yummyful. then i helped steven hole punch/staple remove for AP language stuff... and listened to music... heh, spiderman... and stuff.

and now im here!

so... cept for about 15 minutes ago... really really really awesome day with steven. yay.

ok... time for homework. not cool not cool... but i gotta do it. oh to the well...

<3 emele
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Sunday, May 22nd, 2005

Time:2:11 pm.
Mood: studious.
i like sundays. im sad i couldnt go to church today though, i really wanted to say bye to everyone... cuz im leavin for italy on saturday!! and im reaaally excited.

i think im gonna ditch this LJ and make a new one whenever i get back. iono why... i was just planning to keep this one for a year and only a year ever since i made it. just one of those wierd me-things.

ANYWAYS... i just got back from pizzamania with pablo. god i love that place... there pizza is quite the awesomesauce. yummmy... oh, and the have puzzle bobble, which is like my faaaavorite arcade game if youre too square to count DDR.

oh, and my parents are workin on fixin the pool so maybe itll be workin this week. right now its all gross... but itll be awesome whenever its ready. jacuzzi too. woot!

ok... and i have homework. i really need to write all this out so i know what I'm doing

Ok, let's see if i can make a cut work...Collapse )

yeaah. so ima go do worky stuff. later
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Friday, May 20th, 2005

Subject:ooook, SO!
Time:6:35 pm.
Mood: drained.
ugg. stress has been my middle name lately. lets see... where to start.

dance shows! last one was tonight!! yess... i really love dance, but it was all so time consuming and tiring. i really really really hope i made it into intermediate... my next years schedule is really depending on it. in any case, i want to start taking lessons out of school, prolly at marylln mcdowell.

ok, and campanile! i made it into yearbook staff!! the bad part is... after sitting down and thinking about it, i realized that i really didnt care or want it. so yeah... im going to the meeting on wednesday, but when i seriously sit down and figure out my schedule whenever i get back from italy, im probably gonna drop it. im honored that my writing was good enough... but i just cant be dedicated to something like yearbook. and also... it just doesnt interest to me that much. meh. i feel pretty bad that i got myself involved at all. the sad part is, i think i just tried out cuz i was compensating for the whole drum major thing... which i seriously did want. and i still want it, and im trying out next year... but yeah. this whole yearbook thing has just turned into a huge mess. BUT... therell be free pizza on wednesday. and thats good.

soooo... schedule for next year. academics look like intermediate algebra, honors chemistry, accelerated english, and AP world history. yeaah... that last one may be a wee bit peculiar with me. but the electives... wow. right now, im signed up for chamber orchestra and beginning dance. first of all, i hope i actually make it IN to chamber orchestra, and secondly, im dropping dance if im not in intermediate. thirdly... band. duh. i need to get that on there one way or another. ideally, itll be chamber orchestra, band, and intermediate dance. but im ok if im in advanced orchestra... im really chill with orchestra these days. as long as im still in symphony strings... i dont care about the class. and it might be nice to get an unscheduled if i dont make intermediate dance.

whats the html for cuts on LJ? cuz those last 3 paragraphs are really nothing you guys care about lol... but i have to ramble somewhere. and i dont know most html stuff. yeeep.

ok SO... im really tired. and does anyone want to go to long beach symphony with me tomorrow? cuz i need to go... but i dont wanna be all by my lonesome... mhmm.

yeah, well thats 'nuff for tonight. ill write something less boring later. love ya guys, byee
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